a simple, daily practice
to support
refined self-awareness and graceful aging

COREHEALTH was born out of a desire to be involved with my personal quality of health; to go beyond the standard health care model and include a daily practice to support physical health and an emotional well being. A more holistic/preventive approach. The practice of COREHEALTH is part of the fabric of daily life. Over the years I’ve grown and needs have changed; but this daily practice is standard.

I know the power of this process and am excited to share it with you.

Anyone can benefit but particularly those in personal transition, experience daily over whelm, anxiety, disruptive sleep patterns, digestive disorders, those who want to learn how to be more accepting… anyone.

Marilyn A. Mitchell
Personal Coach/Corporate Consulting

“For over 20 years Marilyn has caused me to pursue a healthy lifestyle through proper exercise, nutrition and the right frame of mind. If you avail of her services, she will also enrich your life.”
- Velta M.