a simple, daily practice
to support
refined self-awareness and graceful aging


John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts — Assistant to Roger L. Stevens, Founding Chairman & Liaison for Special Events.

JFK Center — Taught employees barre exercises at the ballet studio.
Watergate Hotel spa facility — Barre exercise instructor.

YMCA, Washington, DC — Designed and taught the first “Aerobic Action” program to regional YMCA fitness instructors.

Moving Right Along! — Exercise studio. Partner. 2 studios.
Georgetown, DC and Bethesda, MD — Managed; taught group aerobic classes.

ON THE MOVE! — Private studio in Georgetown, DC — Taught group aerobic classes; introduced private training at the studio or client’s residence.

ON THE MOVE! — Expanded into outfitting exercise studios at client’s residence; condo associations; developer’s commercial/hotel buildings. Taught private strength-training.

CAPITOL HILL — Provide a “healthy” water filtration alternative to bottled-water in office suites at the US Senate/House/Capitol (Members, leadership, committees). Hundreds of units installed, and substantial reduction in plastic water bottles.

AT THE CORE — Wanted to design a personal, daily practice that supports and nourishes one's hectic daily lifestyle.

COREHEALTH — The evolution of the personal, daily practice.
75-minute private instruction at client’s residence for privacy and convenience.

Corporate consultation.

Ive worked with Marilyn Mitchell for more than 20 years, a good indication of how much I value her counsel. As the years have progressed, she has adjusted our routine and incorporated new methods and techniques. Whenever I miss a session, I feel it and know I need to get back on track. Most important, my time with Marilyn has benefited me mentally and spiritually at the same time it has strengthened me physically.
- Barbara C.